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My favorite color is green. My second favorite color is blue. Why did I choose orange as my office accent color? I wanted a color that would help me to be productive, and that would foster creativity. For the moment, orange is it!  It is bright and sunny, a color to wake up my new “room without a window.” I found these pillows at Beall’s Outlet.

I like to buy reasonably-priced, colorful mugs to hold pens, paper-clips, etc. They are decorative, sturdy, they take up minimal space, and they are practical.  If I’m in need of a coffee cup, I can just dump out my push-pins, and voila
ah, function,

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for this post is…wait for it…The Sonder Project! This powerhouse of a non-profit operates out of little ‘ol Santa Rosa Beach. Check ‘em out! But be warned: You just might get inspired, 

Next up on the blog, my favorite work-wear for fall/winter 2016.