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Workspace: My Decluttering Strategy

I recently moved into a new office, in a new building. I moved from a window office to a windowless office.  I do like my new office. I like the shape of it. And, it is in a quieter, less trafficked area than my former office. Before, I was right outside the main lobby doors, which were consistently in need of W-D40 and hinge replacements. Now, I am tucked away, at the end of a peaceful hallway, while being in comfortable proximity to interact with my co-workers.

I would be lying if I said that I did not miss my window. But, even more, I miss my windowsill! Because, I had a long, wide, pretty windowsill to display my knick-knacks! Upon hearing the news of my move, I knew I would have to de-clutter. My new office is smaller, and smaller office = less stuff. I am a bit of a pack-rat, so this de-cluttering, de-knick-knacking practice was not exactly my idea of fun.

My new office has no windowsill to display my collection of miniatures, so I decide to divide my windowsill objects into two camps: Beloved, and Oh-So Beloved. I loved all of my objects. Some, more than others. I resolved that I would allow myself to keep my oh-so-beloved items, but must, or at least seriously consider, disposing of my beloved-only items. And, I did it! Well, if you can consider “disposed”, a bag of beloved items sitting in a garbage bag on my bedroom floor, then yes, they are disposed. I just haven’t found the stomach to rid myself of them, yet :)

So, I kept my miniature VW Bug (love the colors!), my rocks, and my Target Copy Color Pallet book. And, of course, I kept my Himalayan rock salt lamp. It purifies the air, right?! Whether it is from the Himalayas of India, or Himalaya Georgia, I’ll never know,
me, my windowsill, and my rock salt lamp
Rebecca's Blog Heroes At the end of each blog post, I want to mention a charity or some helping and healing initiative that has captured my attention. Today, I’d like to give a shout-out to the staff at the Afghan Connection. Afghan Connection is working in partnership with the Afghan government to build schools for children in war-torn provinces.  Check them out, because the children of Afghanistan are, without a doubt, oh-so-beloved :) 


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