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Quick update today on my office move: In my previous office, I was known for keeping my candy dish full of chocolatey treats at all times. I kept the candy dish on the corner of my desk, near my doorway, so that visitors had easy access to it. My dish fell into the beloved category (see post from 1/8/16), so it did not make it to my new office, nor did any of the candy that it held. I decided that it was time to be known for something else, other than the office candy lady! 
so long, candy dish

I often buy cards with inspiring messages or pictures, and I would perch them on my windowsill. The cards are oh-so beloved (see 1/8 post), thus, they made the trek across the parking lot, with me, to my new office. I obtained two bulletin boards for my new office, and there they hang. I love cork bulletin boards, a practical and efficient way to use wall space. Dress them up or down, you can take them anywhere! :)

new home for my cards!
see my sunshine card behind me?!

Rebecca's Heroes Non-profit shout-out for this post is the Parkinson’s Outreach Association. Both of my parents recently died from complications related to Parkinson’s disease (yes, both of them), and the Association provides much-needed support, activities, and awareness-raising. In 15 days, I will participate in the Tulip Trot, my first race of 2016. I do this, in honor of my parents. I hope this working girl is making them proud, and I miss them every day.

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