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Work Style: My Personal Style

What’s a work life blog without a little talk about work style?

I like structured, practical, slightly edgy fashion. I’m not into super frilly, feminine clothes. I prefer solids over prints. I like bright colors, but mostly in solid form :) I love long boots (no booties, please). I do like color-blocking. No floral prints for me, thanks. Instead, a dress that is covered in squares and triangles sounds lovely. And I am absolutely, irreversibly maid for plaid. 

For inspiration, I follow a few fashion blogs. My favorites are Garner Style, J’s Every Day Fashion, Whistles and Clovers, and Bows and Sequins. 

Chastity, because we have similar tastes. I love her structured outfits, and her use of belts. This girl knows how to belt everything, and she always looks amazing. 

J’s, because she posts something for me, well, every day! 

Becky because of her heartfelt, honest posts.

Jessica because I like how her blog is organized, and I absolutely love her fashion line.

My favorite places to shop are DSW, Goodwill, various local thrift stores, Bells Outlet, and Ross. If I’m looking for something very specific, I go to the mall. Or, I splurge on Land’s End every so often. I like their Tall sizes. It’s nice to have that extra length. 

My favorite color is green. Blue, red and yellow are close behind.

my favorite dress

I own lots of dresses, but this dress is, by far, my favorite. I picked it up at a local thrift store. Ann Taylor, fully lined, around 15 bucks. I love the fit, length and the style. It is machine-washable (hand wash cycle), and...It’s plaid!!! I will wear it until it falls apart, and then I will wear it some more!!

Thank you for reading! Scroll down to see Rebecca’s Style Hero :)
boots, Land's End

 my favorite purse
too much plaid?! Dress from Charming Charlie
my favorite work flats, courtesy of Goodwill

Rebecca's Hero
My pic for this post is Krochet Kids. They really emphasize the connection between the maker and the buyer, which often gets so lost. And, I love their story! Many thanks, stylish gents!