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Work Snacks

Over the course of my work life, I’ve had many different types of jobs. I’ve had several food service jobs. I waited tables at a popular steakhouse, I worked at a pizza place, making pizzas one minute, and working the cash register/serving plates the next, and I’ve worked at McDonald’s. I made salads, dropped fries (I have the hot grease scar to prove it!) and I worked the front line cash register.  

One thing in common with my, and I am assuming all, food service jobs, is that you get free or heavily discounted food! And boy, did I enjoy that!! Pizza, French Fries, Steak and Milkshakes, oh, my! 

My palate has not exactly become more refined over the years. I’m not averse to the occasional Mickey D’s meal. Problem is, the older I get, the more those greasy fries don’t like me! 

I try to bring healthy snacks to work. Healthy snacks that will tide me over until I get home.

I’ve cut back on meat consumption, but I doubt I will ever completely remove meat from my diet. I’ve always loved meat snacks, so I was happy when I found these on sale at Earth Fare. 

This is my second time eating bison meat. The cranberry/bison combo was delicious! I couldn’t really taste the bacon, but hey, I guess it can’t hurt :) 

My second featured work snack is Nuttzo. It is expensive. But, as I’m enjoying each nutty, fresh, wholesome bite, I truly believe that it is worth every penny. Still, it is only an occasional snack treat for me. 

Rebecca’s Heroes
Shout out to Project Left Behind, the official non-profit organization of Nuttzo. I knew there was another reason I loved this company, besides their yummy nut butter!

goodbye, winter! next up: personal holiday, Havana style!

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