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I’ve been a full-time worker/part-time student off and on for several years, so life is often all about schoolwork and work-work (hence the name of my blog:). We often have to get creative when incorporating play in to our busy lives.

I’m on business travel three or four times a year. I recently was privileged to attend the Florida Rural Health Association Conference in St. Petersburg. As I mentioned in my last post, I am blessed to have amazing co-workers, and, after a day of meetings, it’s sight-seeing time!

If you’ve never been to St. Pete, I highly recommended it. As I was walking through the city streets, I did not see one piece of trash, nor did I see a trash can. Anywhere. No sidewalk trash cans, as far as my eyes could see. If that weren't puzzling enough, I was even more intrigued by the abundance of local shops, bars, restaurants, and original tourist attractions. All aboard the Pedal Pub! Too much fun.  I frequented the St. Pete Brewing Company, and the Central Perks CafĂ©. Just yum. Enjoy this walkable city, and check my St. Pete Hero below  :)

happy flight, happy night,

Central Perks Cafe

nice networking nook,

Rebecca’s Heroes
St. Pete Road Runners. I like their mission statement, they just wrapped up the Butterfly Glow Run, honoring breast cancer survivors, and, they have a nice blog!! Nice blogs get a double exclamation point ;)
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