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Work Break, Havana Style

Everyone is talking about Havana…Havana, Florida, that is ;)

Every year, in addition to yearly vacation time, my employer gives us one extra paid leave day. It is our Personal Holiday, and we have to use it within the fiscal year. It will not roll over to the next year. No accumulating personal holidays allowed! I’m not sure why we have this…but anyway, I like to use mine to do something other than domestic chores. Something a little different and special, a true holi-day.

This year, I decided to visit Havana, Florida. I’m not going to type much about my day, because I have lots of pictures, and I want them to tell the story. I do want to mention one place that really stood out.  Pecan Tree Antiques is home to the art of John E. Metcalfe. His vibrant, striking, affordable paintings line the walls of this store. Check out his colorful artwork in the picture below.

Thank you for reading! 

home to the art of John E. Metcalfe

save the pink & orange one for me, please!

the community garden was very impressive,

i love cemeteries, and theirs is beautiful,

hot dog row!

walking in Havana,

snagged these for 3 bucks at the enjoy life vintage store!

will do :) and thank you for the reminder,

Rebecca’s Heroes
No blog post about Havana would be complete without mentioning the Havana Christmas Tree Farm. It is not a helping organization in the traditional sense, but I’m sure to many Havanans, it is heroic. In my mind, it put Havana on the map, many years ago, and it has been a consistent presence, through economic ups and downs. Also, the Havana Herald has been in business since 1947. I wish I had time to visit the Herald on my holiday. I don’t like to sugarcoat things in my blog, and the history of small southern towns is not always pleasant.  I would love to go back and check out their archives. Maybe on my next personal holiday…;)


  1. Nicely done! We really do enjoy our quaint town of Havana!