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Greetings! Today, I’d like to report on my recent trip to Pensacola, Florida for the Connected Community Health Summit, and share some pictures of the host accommodations, the magnificent Pensacola Grande Hotel!  

The Summit was conducted in partnership with Strategic Health Intelligence, the Live Well Partnership for a Healthy Community, and the Studer Community Institute. Health practitioners and health IT professionals were represented at the local, state, and the national level.

I was able to listen to the principal of the C.A. Weis Elementary School, and the Weis Wellness Cottage, as she discussed the school's evolution into a community school. The Weis School is working to become a community school, in the tradition of Evans Community School and Wellness Cottage in Orlando, Florida.

The personal, heartfelt stories about community health challenges and victories, combined with innovative IT updates, truly made this the best, most comprehensive one-day health conference I’ve ever attended. 

The Summit was a great example of showing how community health workers and practitioners, school districts, hospitals, and IT companies work together to improve public health.

The following web sites were either mentioned or represented at the Summit. If you work in the hospital and health care industry, in health data management, public health, or in direct patient care, they may be of interest to you:

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I loved staying at the Pensacola Grande Hotel. So many beautiful furniture pieces,

the hotel basically housed an indoor street,

beautiful mirror,

interesting window, the pictures don't do it justice,

1912 Restaurant. I highly recommend the fried green tomato BLT and homemade chips!

Indoor fountain. So many mirrors, everywhere!

library and sitting area

I love the CAVU Club,

a Mongolian easel, perhaps?

thank you for reading!
Rebecca’s Hero
Evan’s Community School, because they are setting an example for many schools who want and need this community-driven focus. Thank you!!