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Co-Working and Remote Work

Greetings, Work Life Friends! I hope you are well! The crisp fall air has not yet descended upon Florida, but I will remain ever-hopeful!
In this post, I would like to discuss the growing trend of co-working. According to the 2017 Global Co-Working Survey, by the end of this year, around 14,000 co-working spaces will be in operation worldwide, and with this growth, member loyalty may be a struggle, as co-workers have more options, and opportunities to change spaces.
So, what makes a great co-working space? To find my answer, I visited the CoLab @ the Pod, and I am so glad I did! Here are some features that stood out:
1. Visually stimulating modular furniture. I love the purple and green color scheme. It is bright and fun, but not too busy, or distracting. The furniture patterns are clean, modern, and interesting, and the colors will keep you awake and energized.
2. Clean, minimal, and spacious floorplan. The light-colored floors and walls contribute to the overall feel of an open, yet inviting, space, and they pleasantly reflect and showcase the abundance of natural light.
3. Lots of natural light, and soft lamp lighting.  The large windows make the space feel super-big and airy. I certainly did not feel boxed-in. The lamps were a nice compliment to the beautiful, natural light shining through the windows. It created an energizing, yet calming, effect.
4. Kitchen and coffee for everyone. The space includes a lovely kitchen with a full-sized fridge. When you join, you get your very own, personalized mug, and special snack times! Sign me up!
We made ourselves at home!

Every co-working space needs a little wall art! Behind Chrissy, there is a large conference room, and beyond that, office space, and other amenities.

Furniture pieces, everywhere! Create your own workspace, or mini-conference center. I love it!

I like the long walkway to the entrance. It made me feel safe, you can see everything, and everyone.

Just chillin'

Just the right amount of branding,

Behind me is the kitchen! And, it is very nice!

Comfortable, yet sturdy, furniture. I honestly didn't want to leave! :)

Natural light Mecca!

Here are my Top 12 Picks for Co-Working Around the World:
Villa Forum LOVE this concept, out of Amsterdam.
Creative CoLab Excellence, based in Atlanta.
Urban Co-Work Café e água a vontade fora do Brasil.
Startinno Co-Working In beautiful Byron Bay.
Co-Work Surf Portugal, and beyond!!
Mokrin House Out of Serbia. I think I’m in love! You simply must check their photo gallery.
Club Job Nice web site! In Portugal.
Dojo Bali Another gem! In Indonesia.
The Hive Out of Gothenburg.
E Office Interesting concept. Looks like they are pretty much, located everywhere.
Station House Located in one of my favorite places, St. Pete.
Work Nicer Beautiful space, in Canada.
To conclude, co-working spaces may consider hosting social events, mixers, speakers, and themed networking parties to help retain members. The little “extras” and perks may help to keep things interesting, and secure customer loyalty. And free coffee and tea certainly doesn’t hurt!
Enough from me! What do you think makes a great co-working space? Do you have good, or not-so-good co-working experiences that you would like to share? Please comment below, and thank you so much for reading!!
Rebecca’s Heroes
As you know, we are coming off a very difficult hurricane season. There are so many people and organizations that are lending a helping hand, and to all of you, thank you!! Two Florida restaurants, Gaines Street Pies, and Gengiz Khan Mediterranean Grill helped to feed hungry evacuees during hurricane Irma. Gengiz even served as a mini-shelter. We appreciate you!!

Gaines Street Pies! Total yum, with a big heart!


  1. This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. An insightful article! A good work-space definitely makes a positive impact on you resulting in better work and a more fun atmosphere in the office. This particular co-working space looks great!

    1. Thank you! I would love to visit Mokrin, it looks so peaceful and inspiring. One day, I hope! :)

  3. I was just starting to explore the idea of co-working. We just had a nice, new space open up in my current city that I've been meaning to check out. I'm so glad you've had a good experience! I'll have to check out ours this week. Thank you for the motivation! :)

    1. Oh, cool!! I’d love to hear how it goes! I hope the trend continues to grow and stabilize, there seems to be a lot of potential, I hope to visit the Station House in St. Pete one day,

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  5. Great post! :)
    have a good day!

  6. Great co-working space, so interesting...
    Good info Rebecca..

    1. Thank you, LZ!! 😊 😊 This was a fun topic to write about,

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  8. Great read! Studies have shown that the design and organization of offices can improve productivity and creativity, cool right? Those nice co-working spaces might be getting something right there!

    Here in Buenos Aires there are also coming more and more co-working spaces. Thus, I'm still to try them out.

    Thanks for sharing!