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Greetings, Work Life Friends! Have you ever connected to a clothing line at a heart and soul level, a line that embodies how you want to express yourself, what you’ve wanted to say with fashion, but didn’t know how, and there it is…From my pre-teen, New Wave polka-dot camp shirts, and loud, jagged, hot pink earrings, to my KISS/Gene Simmons boots and velour jacket that I wore in college, Phannatiq is where my search ends. To me, they are perfection. I love everything about the clothes – the cuts, the edges, the edginess, the angles, the patterns, & fabrics – I want every piece!
Check their latest traceability campaign, This is How We Do It, to see the entire process of making a Phannatiq garment.
And as for Terra Cotta Row, I don’t even know what to say. You had me at T! Your collection grabbed my heart, and it wouldn’t let go. It’s that sometimes fine line between need and want. No, I don’t need a TCR bag. But to have one would also take me to the end of my search for that perfect bag. It stops here, with TCR. Versatile and roomy, Terra Cotta Row bags become softer, and more malleable with age and use. Best of all? They are created with discarded, recyclable materials, made to stand the test of time. Find them on Instagram @terracottarow
Fashion is a very personal, very individual journey. Two ways that I like to express myself are through writing, and through fashion. These two brands complete my expression. Scroll down to see my final hero for 2017 (Click on pics to enlarge. I'm still figuring out the whole picture thing. This blog is a work in progress, :).
The Ariadne Skirt!

It falls, drapes and flows so beautifully,

Trying not to get wet, :)

Side view, with my Terra Cotta Row bag,

The Rebecca Dress!

Playground Tested, Work Style Approved!

This thing is wobbly!

This fabric will keep you comfortable in the chilliest office place, or in the warmest work space,

Phannatiq clothing is for everyone. Their unisex pieces are a dream!

My TC Row backpack is roomy and comfy. Love the pop of color!

I love the lines of this dress. Flattering scoop neck in the front and back, but plenty of coverage,

Ready for work, school, play, travel, and beyond! No ironing required. Just roll, and go!

Thank you for reading! Questions about the sizes, fit, or anything else, please comment below.

Rebecca’s Hero
Understand your Brand After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Brandon Study launched a t-shirt line using a zero-waste production process. The T’s are super-soft, and comfortable. It would not be surprising to see more products from him, in the very near future.
Congratulations to all creators who are inspiring others, and who are making a difference by offering transparent, ethically-produced clothing for everyone!