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2017 Rebecca's Heroes Recap

Happy New Year, Work Life Friends! I sincerely hope your 2018 is off to a good start! And, well, what can we say about 2017?! For me personally, 2017 was a year of ups and downs, highs and lows. Not exactly an even-keel kind of year. I guess life is like that when you work full-time, and are in school part-time, but then you add in relationship drama, domestic responsibilities, etc., and, all I can do is, fasten my seat belt, and try to enjoy the ride! :)
  My 2018 Subject List tab is up. I'd like to blog about some more serious topics this year, things that have been on my heart and mind, and that I hope will facilitate meaningful discussion. I'll also be using this space to post some of my school assignments. So, topics will be split between work life and school life.
  For now, here is my 2017 Rebecca's Heroes Recap:
Tallahassee Kickball Association (from 3.23.217 post)
Going Places Street Outreach (from 5.27.17 post)
The Reef Ball Foundation and the Southern Seafood Market (8.21.17 post)
Understand Your Brand (12.30.17 post)

I look forward to discovering new blogs, and continuing to follow those that are familiar to me! Cheers, and may we count our daily blessings, and live a life of gratitude in 2018, despite all of life's twists and turns!

Fireside chats are great, but I prefer sidewalk chalk talks!

Who's your hero? Comment below! And thanks for reading!

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