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Summer Blog Series: My Farmer’s Market Tour

Hey friends, Happy Summer to You!! I’m glad to be back with Part One of my Summer Blog Series! I figured, what better way to get this party started than to get outside and visit my favorite farmer’s markets. I love farmer’s markets! Some cities, for various reasons, are struggling to maintain a vibrant market scene. But most are doing well, and I believe they are an important part of our cityscapes, economies, and local cultures.

On this tour, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the following farmers, and I’m happy to introduce them to you:

Desserts by Latrell
Shirley Girl Cheeses
Blue Adirondack Farms
PJ's Tempeh
Orchard Pond Organics

I met many other amazing farmers and food artisans, so this is definitely not an exhaustive list. I couldn’t find contact information on Blue Adirondack or Shirley Girl, so if you know how to reach them, please comment below.
Let the tour begin!
On my tour, I visited the Bannerman, Lake Ella, and Tallahassee Farmer’s Markets. One question I asked the farmers: What do you do with leftover food, items that do not sell? Some take them to the next market. Others practice canning. Most everyone practices composting. And, of course, the farmers eat the leftovers!
I purchased the Adzuki Bean Tempeh from PJ’s, also Play of Sunlight Mushrooms. I love the easily-digestible adzuki, and I can’t wait to try it! And, look at those beautiful ‘shrooms. I'll be cooking the tempeh on my insta-stories, I will comment here, and let you know how it went. So great to meet you guys! 

Julia and friend from New Green Organiks! I purchased the broccoli microgreens. Microgreens have so many amazing health benefits. I know Julia can explain them way better than me!! Great to meet you!

I was so happy to meet Menia, Owner of Desserts by Latrell, at the Bannerman Market! I purchased her melt-in-your-mouth coconut scones. They are the perfect treat. I can’t wait to visit you again soon, and try the other scone varieties!!  

I also met Henry at the Bannerman Market. Henry is a farmer with the Treehouse Permaculture Center.

I purchased the carrots and cucumbers from the Treehouse Permaculture Center stand. Absolutely delicious, fresh and flavorful! Thank you, Henry!

Shirley Girl Cheese? Yes, please!

Paradise can be found with an established and trusted local farm! 

I purchased a large bag of blueberries from Blue Adirondack, and they were gone the same day! I am a sucker for fresh, local blueberries! They also make yummy jams. I did not get the ladies’ names, but they were so kind! Thank you!

Local Honey by Orchard Pond Organics. I purchased a honey bear! So good, and reasonably-priced!!

Beautiful Lake Ella Farmer’s Market!

I’ll visit a market by a beautiful lake any day! This one happens to be on Wednesdays!

What are you up to this summer? Do you have a favorite farmer’s market? Are they an important part of your city or town? Do you enjoy getting to know your local growers? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thank you for reading, and if you like this post, please feel free to share! Until next time! ⚘

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