The Best Part of Being a Mommy

As a mother, I have plenty to look forward to. From the

to the quirkier moments (i.e. ), there is never a dull moment as a mommy. There are up and downs; times when I piss my pants laughing and times when I just walk away shaking my head in disbelief.  And then there are those moments when my heart is forced to swell to such inconceivable proportions—moments when no tantrum, diaper explosion, or teething marathon can even touch on the happiness my child has brought me.

Today, held one of those instances. I’ve had my fair share of excitement over crawling, first steps, and babbled sentences. Speaking, in particular, has been my favorite Piggle-achievement. Both through sign language and spoken word, I’ve been able to learn so much about my child—who he is, what he wants and needs, his hopes, his dreams. Every word he says ignites a fire in me—a burning desire to learn more about the boy I call my son.

There are days when I feel I’ve failed him. Times I don’t think I’ve challenged him enough. Instances where I am sure that I have scarred him for life. Today, however, he alleviated every worry I’ve ever carried. He let me know that it’s alright, that I’m doing an okay job. My darling Piggle said the exact thing I needed to hear.

Today, my sweet boy said “I Love You, Mama”.

Having gone through this twice now in only recent times (my oldest is 3 and my two girls are 16 months apart), this truly is the best feeling when they say those words for the first time.

I couldn’t wait to hear ‘mommy’ let alone ‘I love you’, so I can totally relate to your post today


It is the greatest feeling in the world when you hear your little one say those 3 words. My 16 month old says it every once in awhile and everytime it still brings tears to my eyes and pulls at my heart

its the best!


My almost 3 year old tells me he loves me all the time! (He hears his dad saying it so was quick to join in!) The other day though at lunch he dropped “Mom you are my hero!”

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