Mommy Gone Mental – Part 2

Boy, oh boy, have we been busy lately! I seem to have caught a crafting bug— I blame . I went on looking for a pancake recipe, and four hours later, I emerged with a plethora of Christmas-y crafts for Piggle and I to do!

I think the most popular one floating around is the salt-dough ornaments. For those of you not aware of them, they’re the easiest thing in the world. You cannot fuck these up!

All you need is:


Six months ago today, my world was flipped violently upside down. After 32 incredibly torturous weeks, Sequel made her . Instead of worrying about what she’d wear home or which font I’d use on her birth announcement, I was faced with a much bigger concern: Her life.


When I was pregnant with Piggle, I was convinced he was a girl. For 15 weeks, I referred to him as a ‘she’, and I was so excited at the prospect of buying out Baby Gap’s girl section! The clothing and accessory choices were endless! At my 15 week ultrasound, however, there was no mistaking the penis. I was crushed. I knew how limited the selection of boy clothes was, and a little part of me died.

After having him, I quickly changed my mind about boys. Sure, clothing options are still basic, but Piggle is my other half! I was meant to raise a boy. Maybe it’s because I’m the least feminine woman alive, or maybe boys are just less complicated. Either way, I quickly stopped lamenting over his Y-chromosome.

When I got pregnant with Sequel, I was so excited at the possibility of having another boy. (Can’t you just picture me with a house full of testosterone?!) And then we found out that Sequel was a Miss.

To say I was devastated is an understatement. Gender disappointment is a real thing, and boy did I have it. Maybe it was the chaos of everything else going on, or maybe I really was upset that my dreams had shattered…either way, I was not happy about her being a girl.

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