Mommy Gone Mental – Part 3

I am not a jewelry fan. I’m a bird-brained mess, so keeping track of anything that is not permanently attached to me is impossible. It’s not that I don’t love all the millions of accessory options out there—in fact, I am jealous of everyone who can wear necklaces without losing them, I just can’t add another thing to my list of shit to remember.

That said, I was looking for a way to carry something representing the kids—until I’m able to get tattooed again. I didn’t want something expensive, and it had to be unique and versatile. A friend of mine, the owner of , happened to have exactly what I needed.


It’s funny, all my life, I dreamed of being a mom. It’s the one thing I knew I’d be semi-decent at, and it just always felt right. Of course, wanting to be a mom and actually being one is vastly different. Boy, was I in for a shock! There are certainly so many perks to having children, but I’ve very quickly realized that I took a lot of things for granted before I had kids.

I don’t regret starting a family, and I certainly did my fair share of living before I did, but there are definitely some things that I really, really miss!


A few months ago, I wrote about Sequel getting a on teething. It’s been 14 weeks since that whole ordeal began, and she still has nothing to show for it. Her gums are swollen, she can soak an outfit in record time, and she’s cranky, but no teeth. Of course, I knew to expect a long, drawn out torture-fest, but 3.5 months?! Really?!

Because she is so young, she has zero motor skills. She can flail about like nobody’s business, but that’s about it. She has, however, learned how to suck her hands. In fact, it’s her favorite pastime. I have very few photos of her without her fingers jammed in her pie hole. That started around the time the teething did, and I was really worried that she’d end up a thumb-sucker. I never want to deal with that nonsense!


came to the rescue! They make super cute teethers, designed for the little ones who haven’t quite mastered holding a traditional teether.

Seriously, this is sheer fucking genius! Not only is it probably the cutest baby toy we own, but it actually serves a purpose! Sequel has yet to master the art of getting the blue teething ring into her mouth on purpose, but she chomps away on the whole thing, and it saves her hands from hickies! It fits beautifully over her clothing (I’ve only tried it on sleepers and basic cotton shirts), and it has yet to leave a mark. It is machine washable—huge plus, and it’s more sanitary than something that can drop on the ground.

I can’t say enough good things about

teethers. If you have an early teether, you want one of these!!!

You can enter for your chance to win one, using the entry form below!

*Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge to facilitate my review. As always, my opinions are 102% honest.

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