Piggle Counts to Ten

1- The number of bites I will take of any given food before throwing it on the floor.

2- Your daily allotment of time, in minutes, allowed in the washroom.

3- The number of times you will seriously injure yourself, per day, on a strategically placed toy.

4- The amount, in hours, of time you will spend on housework every night after I’m in bed.

5- The precise hour at which I will wake for the day.

6- The number of times you will beg god to make me nap.

7- The amount of Cheerios you will find on your various body parts at any given time.

8- The number of stains I will adorn your new white sweater with.

9- The amount of unsuccessful attempts to put me to bed you will have.

10- The minimum number of heart attacks I will give you per week.

Piggies count say it al.

Seriously could not only relate, but fell your pain on most of these.

Nice job with the counting Piggie, lol!!

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