Teething Toddler

As the title of this post would suggest, I am at a parting of ways with, well, teeth. I bid adieu to the pearly white bastards in two capacities. The first, of course, being the god-awful teething that has plagued my existence for a year and a half. The second refers to those I have torn from my own head—along with much of my hair—while awaiting the seemingly non-existent end to this torture. Alas, however, we have reached the finale. Well, almost. The first of four (why they have to come in droves is beyond me) has cut through.

The countdown is on!

Shockingly, the ‘finale’ was nowhere near as grand as I’d expected. After what felt like a lifetime of cranky Piggle, obscene amounts of drool, and countless sleepless nights, I expected the boy’s gums to go out with a bang, complete with a fancy firework show at the end of it all. So far, though, this has been the tamest ‘cutting’ yet. If it hadn’t been for his lack of appetite and almost-concerning, new affinity for painkillers (Advil being his drug of choice), I’d have never known anything was amiss.

It may be due, in part, to his ability to better communicate his pain.  Or perhaps he’s simply learned to channel it into other activities—his most recent favorite being “Let’s see how far we can whip vintage metal Tonka Trucks…50 points if you smoke mom in the head!”. It’s also quite possible that he’s become immune to the pain after enduring it for 16 months solid. The truth is, I’ll never know.

No matter what the reason, though, I can’t say I miss the old routine of it. This is quite like a breath of fresh air. Granted, I’ll likely look back on this in a week or so and kick myself for jinxing it, as that is very likely what I have just done. Who knows what kind of tooth-related horrors I may have inflicted on myself…knowing my luck, it can only be the worst kind!

Regardless of how Piggle and I manage to cope with the remaining three teeth, however, I am so glad it’s nearly over! I knew it would eventually happen, but it’s a very different sense of realization when the light at the end is visible. I don’t know how we survived the past however long, but we did it—and with my hair follicles being the only major casualties. I consider it a success! And who knows, maybe bald spots will be all the rage this year…

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