Dealing with the Terrible Twos

Woah, Nellie! Piggle has officially hit the Terrible Twos. There have been a few occasions when I’ve thought he might have hit this fantastic milestone, but looking back, I can see that they were and nothing compared to what we are enduring now. I once said that Piggle is an asshole, and for that, I am truly sorry. I can see now that he was not an asshole—then. Boy, is he ever a jerk now, though.

The past week has been a clusterfuck of screaming matches, UFC-esque punches to my jaw, more “NO”s than I know what to do with, and Piggle-sized fistfuls of my hair being torn from my head. I love this boy more than anything, but he is a dick! Schoolyard bullies have nothing on him! He’s brought me to tears three times!

Of course, I’m not innocent in all of this. I rise to the bait almost every time. I have an awful temper, and I know that I aggravate the situation by reacting to whatever evil shenanigans he’s pulling.

I’m a yeller. I always have been. It is the one thing I hate most about myself. I’ve googled countless blogs and articles to learn how to stop, and all of them gave great advice—which I adhered to for all of 10 seconds. I’m not proud of it, and it takes a lot for me to admit it publicly, but I need help.

I know what to do…just not how to do it. I know that he’d probably explode far less often if I calmed the hell down, but sometimes it’s really hard when the Devil has possessed my toddler.

So here it is: My name is Brea, and I’m a scream-oholic.

Maybe by posting this publicly, I’ll be held more accountable and be more likely to quit. My goal for now is to go 1 week, starting tomorrow,  without yelling. At the end of this week, I will report back with my progress.

Is there any part of your parenting that you feel needs work? Let’s do this together! Maybe we can keep each other on track! Add your parenting confession to the!

Meredith K

We are in the exact same boat!

I know my reaction just eggs him on but it’s my go-to reaction- fly across the room and yell at him. Starting this minute I will join you on your quest- solidarity in numbers right? Good luck!


I have a feeling I will be a serious screamer when nugget gets big enough to defy me. Maybe I can nip it in the bud before it ever begins?


Good for you! Recognizing the problem is totally the first step.

I am not a parent but my mother is a screamer and has been all my life (I’m 20 now). When I was a kid it just made me cry and killed myself esteem. Then as a teenager it completely strained our relationship to the point of nonexistence.

Good luck figuring it out!


I have never been a screamer until I had Lexi (same age as Piggle). Holy guacamole, that kid knows how to push my buttons. Then, along came Addy and with her came post partum depression, which just makes the screaming worse. So, as long as I take my “happy pills” (as my 6 year old and husband lovingly call them) I scream much less.

I know, right? Terrible Twos are the worst!

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