Toddlers and Sharing

I’d probably put up a stink, too if some slobbery kid was honing in on my ice cream!

What the hell is up with toddlers and sharing? They treat the common act of courtesy like it’s a form of torture! Piggle used to be so sweet with other children; he’d have given them the shirt off his back—if he knew how to take it off. Now, however, he’s become worse than the people on Hoarders…afraid to give up anything, clinging to a stash of knickknacks—whether belonging to him or not—like it’s a god damn lifeline! The other day, we were at playgroup, and we were fortunate to only be sharing the space with one other child. The two of them together, though, were terrible! If one had a toy, the other immediately decided they needed to be in possession of it—even if they’d shown no prior interest in it!

The teacher explained that it was actually a developmental milestone. It hones their socialization skills. Apparently, by yanking an object out of another child’s hands, they are saying “Talk to me!”

That’s not how I see it. If I’m grabbing something away from someone, chances are, I don’t give a rats ass if they pay any attention to me, I just want what they have. I guess it’s just another weird toddler thing.

We’ve been relatively strict with Piggle where sharing is concerned. We want him to know that it is far from okay to steal something out of someone else’s grasp. This is more because I can’t stand to hear other people’s kids screaming, but I can always pretend that it’s because I’m raising my boy the right way…

Through my observations,

I’ve decided that the rule, where young children are concerned, is that sharing is only a viable option if the act wholly benefits the sharer—which, it would seem, is never.

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