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Squeeze Please Reusable Food Pouches

Piggle is the world’s pickiest eater. He always has been. Since the  have kicked into full-gear, though, it’s worse than ever. Finding something he’ll eat that isn’t Oreos, chocolate milk, or Happy Meals is damn-near impossible. It’s a nightmare, trying to keep him from wasting away to nothing. The one thing that has always worked, though, is his daily smoothie. He loves it (and it’s ultra-healthy, too)!

In the past few weeks, the food-fight has reached an all-time high. He’s started to fight everything…including his favorite smoothie. “It’s not in the right cup, the consistency is wrong, I hate everything”. Or any variations thereof. Getting him to eat is a constant battle now, and I’m pretty over it!

And then I found .

It’s a Canadian (yay!) company, very new to the market, who must have heard my cries of exasperation! Just as our struggle reached its peak, Sylvia came along with her genius reusable food pouches! I could kiss her!

This amazing woman sent me 3 Squeeze Please pouches to try. I almost cried when they arrived in the mail because this was my last hope of getting something into Piggle’s belly!

Right off the bat, I loved the simplicity of the design and the bright colors. Of course, they weren’t meant for me, so I showed one to Piggle—who is no stranger to grocery store food pouches, and he went APE!

I haven’t been buying the disposable pouches lately because $1.50 a pop for a few sips of sugar pureed fruit isn’t worth it, and really, the store-bought stuff doesn’t have much nutritional value in it (seriously, read the nutrition facts—it’ll shock you), and I don’t need Piggle filling up on empty foods.

I was so excited to use these! I’ve been going a bit puree-happy lately. I bought 12 pumpkins for roasting from Walmart the other day, and I was running low on recipe ideas to use up the 8002 lbs of puree I’d made. Of course, being as brilliant as I am, I decided to slip some of it into Piggle’s daily smoothie for some extra vitamins!

These pouches are GREAT! I’ve seen several on the market, but these are the first I’ve ever tried. I have always been hesitant to try them because a) I’m lazy, so pureeing anything (except my weird pumpkin obsession) seemed like a pain in the ass, and b) I’m a fucking slob in the kitchen, so I was kind of scared of the mess I’d make, trying to fill these bad boys. Turns out, it wasn’t all that bad. They actually open up quite wide, so I was able to pour his smoothie right in.

The only change I’d make to this step is adding a ‘max-level’ marker on the pouch. I’m terrible at eye-balling measurements, and I also have no concept of displacement (can you tell I passed science with flying colors?!), so I over-filled it, and I wound up with a mess to clean up—totally my own not-paying-attention-in-school fault.

Once I dealt with the mess and figured out the perfect amount of smoothie to pour in, it was a breeze! The zipper on the pouch (think Ziploc bags) is mega-strong! I didn’t even need to fiddle with it to make sure the seal was good. Just a quick swipe of my fingers and a blast of water to rinse off my excess spillage, and we were off! *side note: Don’t forget to leave the cap on when you’re filling it—yeah, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I was a little nervous about the zipper-seal holding up to Piggle’s hulk-grip. I envisioned a smoothie explosion all over my no-longer-white carpets. Nope. Not even a small leak! The closure is, as I said, mega-strong. Even I couldn’t get it to blow—although, I wasn’t squeezing with all of my might…just in case.

These pouches actually hold quite a bit! Definitely more than those ridiculously priced disposable ones. The only downside to this is that it will probably be too big for Sequel when she starts solids. I do wish they had a smaller option, too. I guess I could just under-fill it or re-use one she’s already been sipping from, but you know, saliva-germs and all…

Anyway, Piggle fucking loved it! For the first time in I can’t even tell you how long, the boy finished a meal. Sure, it was a liquid meal, but he ate, and that’s all that matters!

For those of you interested, here is my Piggle Smoothie recipe (you can tweak it to suit your babe):

1-1/2 c soy milk

2 bananas

1 avocado

1/2 c milled flax

2 tbs natural peanut butter (I’ve also used other nut/seed butters)

1 tbs honey

(I also added 1 c of pumpkin puree this time)

Blend the piss out of it, and serve. I usually get 3-4 toddler-sized servings out of this. I freeze the extras in individual portions. It doesn’t refrigerate well for more than 24 hours.

As you can see, Piggle is a big fan! He quickly filled his belly! He did go a little crazy on the spout, and he chewed the hell out of it, so I am having a bit of trouble getting the lid back on properly, but that’s a user issue—most people’s kids probably aren’t as destructive. It would be cool if the spout was silicone instead, though—to prevent the Piggles of the world from destroying something as awesome as this!

We stored the extras in the fridge (next to some of my homemade pumpkin puree), and if his smoothie didn’t get gross after a day in the fridge, I’d have probably filled all three pouches to have them grab-and-go ready. Any other puree concoction would probably work, though.

Washing the pouches was actually easier than I thought, too. I had no idea how I was going to get dried-up smoothie out of the tip, but I worked my dish-washing magic skills, and it came out pristine. they are top rack safe, but my dishwasher fails at existence, so I didn’t want to chance it. Those of you that try these, you’ll have to let me know!

Overall, I love them! I’m a big fan of Squeeze Please (and Sylvia is a fellow preemie-mama, so I love her, too)! I owe these pouches a lot! The stress of trying to feed the boy is virtually gone—until, of course, the novelty wears off…but for the time being, Piggle is no longer starving to death!

One of you will get to try these pouches, too! Using the entry form below, enter for your chance to win a pack of 3 Squeeze Please Pouches! Those of you who don’t win should buy these anyway because I said so (and they’re fucking awesome)!

**Disclaimer: I received these pouches free of charge to facilitate my review. As always, all of my opinions are 102% my own!


I think E and Piggle must be of the same “I won’t eat anything but junk” tribe. I have to try these bad boys. She LOVES “sucks”.

Jacqui b

We beat the stage with a lot of tears, and a lot of prayer

Michelle Talley

I have yet to conquer the picky eater stage, so anything to help!

Wow. This is the solution to my son’s problem. Gotta get one of these!


I don’t really have too much of a picky eater.

I just offer, sometimes he will eat it, sometimes he won’t.

He’ll go for days without eating vegetables, meat, grain, etc, and then all of a sudden it will be a meat, veggie, grain feast.

Right now though, he is not eating much for any of his meals.



I got lucky I think my child never had a picky eater stage she has always LOVED a huge variety to foods.


Excited to try these for my toddler and my new babe when we start solids!

Evan is on pediasure for the same reason

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