Indoor Toddler Activities

Woohoo! Bed rest has been lifted! I’m not sure if it’s actually a success on my cervix’s part or if the doctors have just given up hope that it’ll ever cooperate, but the point is, I can do shit without feeling guilty about it! Though, the constant feeling that my lola is about to explode is still a hindrance…baby steps!

With my new-found freedom and nicer weather, Piggle and I have been frequenting the park on an almost daily basis. The boy cannot get enough! Sometimes we end up there two or three times a day! While the novelty of monkey bars has worn off for me, the exhausted Piggle at the end of the day is well worth the monotony! For the first time in his entire life, I can actually say that he’s sleeping well! Of course, he chooses now, when a 4 lb. fetus is playing soccer with my bladder at 2 a.m., preventing me from sleeping anyway, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers!

There were a few days last week when park-going was not an option. I mentioned in my  that Mother Nature is on the rag, and we went from getting second degree sunburns to snow in a 24-hour time frame…my poor tomato plants! With the weather unable to decide what the hell it wanted to do, we were stuck indoors, and boy, was Piggle pissed! I had to do some real quick thinking to keep the tantrums at bay! Luckily, I’d just gone on a dollar store shopping spree, so I had a whole arsenal of distractions for him—though none of them deterred him from begging to go outside 739 times a minute.

Usually, these types of activities would keep the boy occupied for at least 15 minutes, but with his headstrong desire to dive into the sandbox averting his attention, we had few successes. All that really means is that he got to do a few more crafts and I had a bigger cleanup at the end of the day. Oh well, we made it through unscathed, and are back to enjoying the great outdoors.

Here’s what we did:

All this took was some glue, scraps of whatever was laying around my craft box, and a quick tutorial from Mommy.

Once he got the hang of sticking things to the paper and leaving them there, he really got into it!

This project, while great at occupying him while I got the next one ready to go, might have been a bit above him. He couldn’t quite grasp the idea that glue is meant to permanently hold things—not be spread around the entire living room. It might work better if I add some food coloring to the glue next time. He had a hard time understanding why I was putting pieces of garbage onto a blank sheet of paper. He did, however, get a kick out of the “gooby eyes” (as he calls them). So much so that he ended up with about 83 of them stuck to various parts of his body—including the inside of his left nostril.

While he was doing that, I was in the kitchen. Cleaning, you ask? HA! No way! Just because I’m allowed to clean doesn’t mean I’ve told Husband so.

Instead of playing housewife, I was mixing up some paint for the boy. That’s right, homemade paint! Crazy, right? Okay, well, it’s not really that impressive, but I got a kick out of it (probably because I didn’t have to wash the dishes afterwards). I found the recipe on . I had to mess with it a bit, but that’s probably because I can’t follow instructions to save my life. I’m not an idiot by any standards, but I do have a slight defiant streak that may or may not have ruined the first 2 batches of this paint.

I borrowed the recipe from , and I hope she doesn’t flip her lid over me using her photo—but I’m pregnant and lazy, so she might understand why I didn’t want to type it all out. So here’s the recipe:

And here it is in action:

The same scraps we used for the gluing activity worked great for this one!

The poor kid is probably wondering why I set him up with all of these fun things to do and then shove a camera in his face.

Warning: It starts off as innocent artwork…

And then turns into a full hands-on messy experience!

One thing to note about this paint: It doesn’t dry nicely. Sure, it doesn’t stay wet, but if you’re looking to save their artwork, this is not the stuff to use. It hardened and warped the paper. Might have been my failure to follow the recipe, though…

Saveable or not, we had a blast getting dirty. Piggle is also learning his colors, so this was a great way to introduce it!

As much fun as we have destroying the house in a whirlwind of paint and glue, I am so glad that the sun is out again! I much prefer a worn-out, sand-covered Piggle to a cranky paint monster.

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