Entertaining Kids While On Bed Rest

I don’t want to jump ahead of anything, but for the past few days, I’ve felt almost great! I’m needing less and less coffee to get through my morning, and I can actually form a coherent thought. If this energy-boost is pregnancy related, though, I feel cheated! I’m halfway through my second trimester. Those idiot-books say the fatigue goes away around 14 weeks. BULL! I’ve been dragging ass for five months now, and I’m only just starting to snap out of it. That said, there finally seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel!

With my new-found stamina, I’ve managed to get a few light chores done around here. I know, I know, bed rest. Blah blah. Point is, my toilets were starting to attract wildlife, and my carpets had a three-foot layer of dust/debris. It couldn’t be put off anymore. Motivation or not, though, there will always be the issue of having a curious, grabby toddler underfoot, making any chore much more difficult than it should be.

And so entered my lovely Pinterest collection:

I apologize for the blurriness. The boy doesn’t tend to stay still long enough for decent photos.

Anyway, brilliant-idea-that-I-didn’t-come-up-with-#-2: Dish of baking soda and vinegar with food coloring.


Now, the few Pins I’ve seen for this little science experiment have shown kids using eye droppers and other similar implements. I didn’t have one, so Piggle had to settle for a spoon.

Obviously, that wasn’t good enough for him.

Now, I promised in my last post (if you missed it, click ) that I would post every Pin I try; whether it worked out or not. So here’s the truth: This was almost a failure. While the concept is brilliant, Piggle just doesn’t have the patience for such things. Dribbling bits of liquid into a dish is not his idea of a good time. In fact, the three pictures above were taken within less than two minutes of each other. I was ready to give up on my housekeeping attempt until I remembered that, while he may not be a patient kid, he is a boy, and boys love mess.

And that’s exactly what we found ourselves with!

And then it hit me! Why not hone his creativity even further…

By adding paper and brushes to the mix!

That was all me! No Pinterest involved in that brainwave! Aren’t you proud?!

And hands! Can’t forget hands!

Or hair.

We also had a taste—not a fan.

All in all, he had a blast, my floors got vacuumed, and my toilets were rid of possible critter-invasions. The towels even managed to come out unscathed!

Our only drawback to improvising with our tools was this:

But a few hand-washes and a 2-hour bath took care of that.

I am loving this new energy-boost! It’s also been so much fun to see Piggle explore all the new things I’ve exposed him to!

Stay tuned for more Piggle-Pin-Projects!

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