Sequel is my last baby. Husband gets the snip in T-minus 1 month. Part of me is devastated, but the other part (a.k.a. my uterus) is jumping for joy. I am celebrating (and mourning) by going ape shit in the shopping department. Because I’m as practical as I am impulsive, I’ve decided to skip splurging on clothes for her until she stops growing at the speed of light (seriously, guys…Miss Sequel is a whopping 14 lbs!); instead, I’ve been shelling out a ridiculous amount of money on cloth diapers. In my defense, though, they are useful! Plus, they’re ridiculously cute, so Husband can’t bitch for too long because even he succumbs to the power of the patterns. Also, I’m addicted.

Because I only have a 2-ish year window of opportunity in which to try as many different styles and brands as possible, I’ve gone a little “checkout”-happy lately. I actually just got a shipment of diapers in today. It’s like Christmas for baby shit once a week around here!

‘s MioSolo is the first AIO (all-in-one) diaper we’ve tried—except Gro-Via, but we’d already fallen in love with those when Piggle was a baby.


When I was pregnant with Sequel, poor Piggle was a bit neglected. I had no energy and a host of doctors telling me to park my ass on the couch. I couldn’t play with him the way he wanted—and more importantly, needed. I still feel incredibly guilty for that. Our relationship suffered drastically because of it. Even now, I still notice a bit of withdrawal, and he asks me to play with him less and less. It’s heartbreaking.

Because of this, I decided to have Piggle dates once a week. One day that is all about him! Of course, Sequel still tags along, but we do something HE loves. We usually try to do it on Husband’s day off because we’re able to give Piggle complete one-on-one attention. Unless Sequel is eating, she’s Husband’s responsibility, while I lay some lovin’s on my boy!

The other day, we took Piggle to a play place, designed specifically for young children. Luckily, we went while every other kid on Earth was napping, so we had the run of the place. We also had the added bonus of not tainting some poor kid with Piggle’s potty mouth! Seriously, this kid is worse than a sailor! Of course, I am to blame.

If you’ve followed me long enough, you know that ‘fuck’ is my favorite word. I use it liberally. I really need to start watching what I say, though because Mr. Parrot likes to repeat my expletives back in the most undesirable situations—like an indoor playground. Problem is, I’m having a hard time keeping him from uttering cuss words because, well, it’s fucking hilarious! Call it what you will: bad parenting, mom-fail…regardless, I dare you not to laugh!


I am a self-proclaimed cloth diaper addict. I love everything about them (except washing them because I have an HE washer, and it’s a pain in the ass). The absolute best thing about them is the variety! There is something for everyone—and then some!

When I started cloth diapering Piggle, in 2011, I knew very little about the different options available. I knew, of course, about the big names (BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, and Rumparooz, et al.), and I’d also researched a cheaper options ($30/diaper was just insane to me).  I’m an incredibly impulsive person, so I jumped on the first ‘cheap’ diapers I found (Sunbaby Diapers). Luckily, they served us well, and Sequel is using Piggle’s until hers come in.

Because I loved cloth diapering Piggle so much (the patterns are just toooo cute), it was a no-brainer to get them on Sequel as quickly as possible. The did not allow their use, and to be honest, we used disposables for the first 2.5 months of her life because adding more laundry to my list of things to do would have driven me crazy! When we finally made the switch, it was to Piggle’s hand-me-downs, and while I still love his diapers wholeheartedly, they’ve seen better days, and the patterns were not befitting of a little Princess bum! Of course, that meant only one thing: SHOPPING SPREE!


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