Sequel is my last baby. Husband gets the snip in T-minus 1 month. Part of me is devastated, but the other part (a.k.a. my uterus) is jumping for joy. I am celebrating (and mourning) by going ape shit in the shopping department. Because I’m as practical as I am impulsive, I’ve decided to skip splurging on clothes for her until she stops growing at the speed of light (seriously, guys…Miss Sequel is a whopping 14 lbs!); instead, I’ve been shelling out a ridiculous amount of money on cloth diapers. In my defense, though, they are useful! Plus, they’re ridiculously cute, so Husband can’t bitch for too long because even he succumbs to the power of the patterns. Also, I’m addicted.

Because I only have a 2-ish year window of opportunity in which to try as many different styles and brands as possible, I’ve gone a little “checkout”-happy lately. I actually just got a shipment of diapers in today. It’s like Christmas for baby shit once a week around here!

‘s MioSolo is the first AIO (all-in-one) diaper we’ve tried—except Gro-Via, but we’d already fallen in love with those when Piggle was a baby.


As I mentioned in my last review, I have been on the hunt for the perfect cloth diapers for Sequel. While I’m still not sure such a thing exists,

comes in pretty close!

I don’t know how something as shrimpy as Sequel can produce such an enormous amount of pee/poop, but somehow, she manages it on an hourly basis, so finding a diaper that can contain the worst of her explosions is key!

To date, we’ve tried close to 10 different brands of diapers. Some rose to the challenge beautifully, while others have been tossed into Piggle’s doll bin. The problem with finding a diaper that can take her shit (literally) is the cost! Many of the CDs we’ve tried have cost upwards of $25 PER diaper!! That’s insane—especially when I end up with yellow Sequel-poop running down my stomach!

Enter Buttons Diapers: At only $11 a pop, the price was worth the risk of them not working. At least we wouldn’t be covered in baby shit and go broke!

I mentioned in my last  that I am a huge fan of pockets. The option to increase absorbency is a giant bonus! That said, I’m also head over heels in love with my Gro-Via diapers. The first reason being the texture of the material—-it feels like fucking butter! Seriously, even if you don’t cloth diaper, go touch one! It’s better than minky! The other reason I love them is because, to increase absorbency, all you need to do is snap an extra liner in. No fiddling with bunched up inserts and the awful fucking sound of PUL stretching (I liken it to nails on a chalkboard). The downside to Gro-Via diapers is that they’re AIOs. While the convenience of just slapping a diaper on baby’s rear is appealing, the drying time is far from it. They take FOREVER! And that’s where Buttons Diapers comes in.

Excuse the blurriness…Piggle licked the lens just before I took pictures!

This is an AI2. For those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, it means that the diaper consists of 2 parts: a waterproof outter shell, and an insert that is placed inside, against baby’s skin. Unlike the pocket diapers, there is no stuffing involved. With these particular diapers, the insert is held in place by a snap on either end of the diaper and insert. SUPER easy to use!

*side note: I love that the inserts are labeled! I’m a bit OCD about keeping all of my inserts and diapers together.

Prior to trying this diaper, I had never used an AI2. After having done so, I don’t think I’ll ever look at pockets the same way! While there is still an extra step involved, it is a helluva lot easier (and far more convenient) than fighting to get an insert perfectly aligned in a pocket. It is almost as easy as an all-in-one, and better in that it doesn’t take 87 years to dry! Just unsnap the liner and toss it, along with the cover, into the wash. Simple, right?!

The other MAJOR plus to this particular diaper is the double-gusset (Basically, an extra piece of elasticized material in the thigh area to trap messes). As I mentioned, Sequel’s poops are atrocious. The double-gusset adds that little bit of a barrier between her explosions and my clothing/furniture/floors/everything in a 5 ft. radius of her arse.

As with the last diaper , I wanted to test its limits—which, when Sequel’s rear-end is involved, isn’t that big of a feat. The diaper has a second insert to add absorbency, which turns it from a daytime diaper to an overnight-er, but I couldn’t use it because of how insanely bulky it was.

Seriously, guys! The two inserts together were as thick as my arm! And get a load of how gigantic it wound up being on Miss Shrimp

Wait…it gets even better!

Ridiculous, right?! I don’t think I could have gotten her clothes on her if I’d even bothered to try! Rather than permanently bow-leg the poor kid, I popped out the overnight liner, and just put the diaper on her with the daytime insert.

Much better! Despite not using the extra liner, the diaper managed to hold an obscene amount of Sequel-droppings! The double-gusset really helped contain the mess!

She did end up blowing out of the diaper about 3 hours in, but I wouldn’t have kept it on her much longer than that under normal circumstances (except possibly over night).

All in all, I’m definitely sold on the AI2 aspect. I’m kind of kicking myself for ordering an ass-load of pockets the other day because I love the simplicity (and price) of these!

They’re really cute, the inserts are soft as fuck, and the outer shell feels just as buttery as my favorite Gro-Vias.

One of you will get to feel the buttery, soft-as-fuckness of this diaper! Using the entry form below (give it a few seconds to load), follow the instructions to get your name in to win a Buttons Diaper for you little one’s rear! (Open to the US and Canada—sorry, my international loves! I’ll have something for you soon!)

*As with the last review, I was given this diaper free of charge to facilitate the review. I cannot be bribed, so all of my opinions are 102% honest!

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