Pledging To Be a Better Parent

None of us is the perfect parent. We’d all love  to be, and I’m sure many of you are pretty  close, but we all have that one (or in my case  several) thing we hate about how we raise  our children. Because so much of our  parenting is done behind closed doors, away  from prying eyes, it’s a lot harder to take the  steps toward changing the behaviors and  habits we don’t like. Well, let’s change that,  shall we!

Fill out the questions below (you’ll have to copy and paste because I fail at computer anything). Email it to me at or use the comment form below, and I’ll add them here. Our dirty laundry will be out for all to see, and maybe we’ll find the motivation and inspiration to do something about it!

The Pledge

Name (put ‘Anonymous’ if you’d rather not say):


Quit Date:

Plan of Action:

Short-Term Goal(s):

Long-Term Goal(s):

I’ll start!


Yelling & horrid temper

September 23, 2014

Learn new coping strategies, find enjoyment in the smaller things, and recognize and acknowledge good behaviors.

Not yell for one week.

Make it an entire year without blowing my lid, be more hands-on with the kids, and learn to take better care of myself


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