Padded Cell, Here I Come!

Alas, the fateful day is upon us. Piggle is officially in the Terrible Twos.

The boy has learned how to say ‘no’.

I don’t think any word in the English language has ever made me want to scoop my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon more. Unlike every other phrase he’s ever uttered, this one wasn’t even cute the first time. I can’t even begin to find the necessary expression to convey how much I despise it; the only thing that comes to mind is “shut the hell up!”

It’s times like this when I regret having a kid. Not because I don’t love him, but because I was stupid enough to believe said child wouldn’t inherit my ridiculous stubbornness. That, and I am having an extremely difficult time finding a circus willing to take him!

If the next time you see me, I’m in a straitjacket, bald with empty eye sockets, you’ll know why.

We all need a hug sometimes!!


Well, Eliza doesn’t say no, she just shakes her head no. I prefer that. However, she says stop it, which is just a more polite way of saying no way mom.


Sid has been saying no for at least 3 months now. It sucks! A couple weeks ago, the boy decided to say his first phrase. It consisted of, “No, Mommy”…


Levis favorite word has been no for a couple of weeks now. I have gotten well over it already but he thinks it is funny so he walks around singing…no no no no no no no and laughs. He can be evil at times. lol Your not alone.

I have two little girls that say no, plus a husband.

My sympathies to you, as I can truly relate!!


No is a very common word in my house, times two. Now my 2 year old son had decided to say “no way”. Not only does Sariah say no but she has the temper to go along with., Man you better hope she doesn’t scream because her shril screams

Reminds me of a banshee, hence the nickname she had.


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