Best Toddler Costume

One of the more fun aspects of having a toddler is that I get to make all the big decisions in life for him…like what he’s going to wear for dress up play. For the past two months, I’ve been scouring the Internet for costume ideas for the boy. I’ve come across the basics (i.e.: superheroes, fuzzy animals, and cowboys), but I’ve also found several inappropriate, albeit hilarious, get-ups. A friend of mine compiled a list of the best worst ones (which you can see ).

I still haven’t quite decided what to dress Piggle as, but I’ve narrowed it down to four.

Keep in mind that I have a sick sense of humor, and I’m likely going to hell for choosing any of the following:

1: The Classic Gag–A.K.A The Woopie Cushion

Because who wouldn’t want their child to resemble a fake fart?!

2: Darth…Dildo?

I’m all for geeking it up, Star Wars-style, however, I’m not entirely sure a phallic Sith Lord is really the way to go…

3: What is that smell?! Or The Air De-Freshener

Am I the only one who sees the hilarity—and irony—in sending Piggle out with a poopy bum, dressed like this?

4: The best for last—and the reason I’m going to Hell

Sure, Piggle is a boy, but I could destroy any photographic evidence after the fact and just tell him he went as a trainwreck…Plus, this comes with the added bonus of a matching costume for me!

Pretty sure they’ll each be equally as traumatic for Pigglesworth.Poor child, lol. But if I were forced to make a decision, I’d say mommy and son princess dresses….at least he’ll have leg holes in the costume to run away fast and call the bad parent police! Haha!

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