Toughen up, Asshole!

Today, Piggle and I lived on the edge. We braved a two and a half hour outing to playgroup. Normally, this would be nothing to brag about, but with the way his ass has been spewing toxic sludge this week, we were tempting fate. I’m happy to report, however, that we made it through nearly mess-free. The liquid vs. Solid state of the boy’s dookies is not, however, what this is about.

What in the fuck is this malarky about all children being equal? No losers, only winners?! I may have missed the memo, but when did we suddenly become pussies? It can’t just be me who thinks this mindset is absolutely asinine!

“You’re the last winner!”? Excuse me, what?! It’s been awhile since my last visit to a classroom, but when did last and winner become synonyms? What are we teaching our children with this methodology that could possibly be beneficial to them? Am I missing something here, or are we just breeding spoiled ninnies?

You cannot tell me that your kid is on par with the rest of the group, when he’s off in a corner, rocking back and forth while digging in his frontal lobes with a pink crayon. Get a grip!

Never, in all of my years, have I seen such insanity! Our offspring are growing up thinking the world owes them something. If you think suicide and office shooting rates are high now, wait until these idiots get a job where they actually have to do shit. The minute his boss reprimands him or (god forbid) says ‘no’, little Jimmy is going postal!

Kids these days are wimps, and beyond that, they have absolutely no respect. I had a 4 year-old tell me to suck his dick today. WHAT?! If I’d even dared to think the word ‘dick’, I’d have been beaten black! That’s what this generation needs! A good ass-kicking.

I don’t condone bullying in any form, but can you really blame them for picking on your child? Really think about it. Bullying was never a huge problem when we were young. Why? Because we fought back.

My fuck! I’ve never seen such a bigger bunch of simians! For the love of Hay-Seuss, say no to your spawn once in awhile. At least give them the chance to grow some semblance of a backbone!

I don’t blame all parents. Just the ones who refuse to give their kids any ‘refined’ or processed foods, are deathly afraid of red dye, and who go through more Lysol and hand Sanitizer in a day than a hospital does in a year.

I can plainly remember eating a shit ton of grilled cheese sandwiches, drinking strawberry Kool-aid until it came out my nose, eating mud, and playing with the snot-leakingest children in the playground. I’m just fine…ish. Live a little, people!

And what is the bullshit about not holding kids back a year if they fail in school? What good is that doing?! All that’s going to achieve is a bunch of serious grammatical errors in the 2030 presidential speech and some serious flaws in the economy due to simple addition mistakes,

Just remember, these apes will be changing your diapers in 30 years.


I completely agree. The world is fucked when it comes to this generation running it. Everyone thinks they are owed something and they’ll be god damned if they don’t get it just the way they want it. My kids are made fun of because I don’t allow them to run a muck with the kids that can. But I’ll be damned if my kids don’t show respect to adults and are polite in public. Yes, they are kids and they don’t like to do a lot of things. But if anyone of them ever thought of saying that, I would beat their ass like no other. And I don’t care what the neighbors have to say about it.



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