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Cloth Diaper review & Giveaway

I am a self-proclaimed cloth diaper addict. I love everything about them (except washing them because I have an HE washer, and it’s a pain in the ass). The absolute best thing about them is the variety! There is something for everyone—and then some!

When I started cloth diapering Piggle, in 2011, I knew very little about the different options available. I knew, of course, about the big names (BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, and Rumparooz, et al.), and I’d also researched a cheaper options ($30/diaper was just insane to me).  I’m an incredibly impulsive person, so I jumped on the first ‘cheap’ diapers I found (Sunbaby Diapers). Luckily, they served us well, and Sequel is using Piggle’s until hers come in.

Because I loved cloth diapering Piggle so much (the patterns are just toooo cute), it was a no-brainer to get them on Sequel as quickly as possible. The did not allow their use, and to be honest, we used disposables for the first 2.5 months of her life because adding more laundry to my list of things to do would have driven me crazy! When we finally made the switch, it was to Piggle’s hand-me-downs, and while I still love his diapers wholeheartedly, they’ve seen better days, and the patterns were not befitting of a little Princess bum! Of course, that meant only one thing: SHOPPING SPREE!

I decided to research more diaper companies. I wanted to try as many as I could—both for a variety of patterns and because I knew there was more out there than Sunbabies. I needed something that fit my budget, so the hunt began. I’m not exaggerating when I say I spent weeks trying to find the perfect diapers. It became an obsession!

Very early on in my search, I came across . The first thing that attracted me was the price (they also have a really great diaper sprayer). The second? They’re Canadian eh! Sure, the diapers are manufactured in China, but what the hell isn’t these days? The fact that the company is local really drew me in. I’m all for supporting the little guy!

Another thing I love about them is their blog! Most CD companies have a small section for diaper FAQs, but James at Tushie TuQ has a dedicated to cloth diapering. From the latest news and research, to the basic care instructions. He’s also a really nice guy.

When the opportunity to try his diapers and review them for you arose, I jumped on it! I had to know what they were all about!

The first thing I realized when I opened the packaging was that they are Minkies (soft as shit and orgasmic to the touch)! I had never used a Minky diaper before, and I’d actually been hesitant to do so because I picture those ridiculous velvet dresses I was forced to wear circa 1992. Sure, they were soft, but after a few washes, they (dresses) looked like roadkill. I worried the same would happen to these diapers after a few runs in the washer. I’m happy to say that I have washed both 3 times, and the outer material is still as fluffy and orgasmic as the first time I touched it.

I’ve always been partial to pocket diapers. They’re easier than prefolds, and they dry faster than AIO/AI2s. Sure, it sucks ass having to re-stuff them after washing, but the few seconds of extra effort are well worth it.

Unlike some pockets (my Sunbabies included), they have an elasticized opening for stuffing, rather than a flap. The idea is that you can just shake the liner out instead of covering your hands in day-old baby filth. Maybe I did something wrong or just haven’t mastered the right wrist flick, but the insert did not come out without me needing to pull it out by hand. This isn’t a huge deal for me because I do it with all of my other pocket diapers, but it is something to consider if you’re a urine-phobic.

Speaking of inserts, I quickly noticed that they are much wider and slightly longer than my Sunbaby liners, which is a huge bonus because both Sequel and Piggle pee more than any human should be physically able to, so any added coverage is awesome. That said, they are also a lot thinner. I was incredibly worried about absorbency and leaking!

The Tushie TuQ liner is on the bottom, for comparison.

Shockingly, the insert’s thickness had no bearing on the amount of pee it held! The website and included instructions claim the liners can hold 15 ml of liquid. They aren’t lying, but they’re underselling themselves!

Obviously, I didn’t wring the Sequel pee out of the diaper to measure it, but the thing weighed a good 2 lbs! There was definitely way more than a measly 15 ml.

The one big thing I wasn’t a fan of, right from the get-go, was the fit. This isn’t the diaper’s fault—my awkwardly proportioned beefcake is to blame. Whether is was her ridiculous inner thigh rolls or her (inherited-from-me) lack of hips, the diaper just didn’t seem to fit well, no matter how I snapped it up.

My biggest issue was not being able to get rid of that ‘pocket’ in the front, and if Sequel had a penis, it would have been a much bigger problem. I could have pulled the diaper tighter, but the elastic on the back was just too tight. Maybe after a few more wears/washes, it’ll stretch a bit. I’ll let you know.

I will say, though, that despite the weird fit, we have not had a single leak! I normally throw her in a double prefold and cover for overnight (I do not do 3 a.m. butt changes), and I decided to test this one’s true capabilities. Not only did Sequel not leak through, she was dry! Not because she didn’t piss out her weight, but because the insert absorbed so well that it drew all the moisture completely away from her bits—-which is a HUGE plus because Sequel has the world’s most sensitive bum!

All in all, I actually really love Tushie TuQ diapers. They are simple (the company only makes Minkies and offers only a handful of cute colors), easy to use, and I like to rub them against my face. They’re definitely a great addition to our stash!

Sequel agrees!

Tushie TuQ Diapers has offered up two diapers to a lucky reader. You definitely want to get your name in this one because just touching these diapers makes it worth it!

You can enter using the form below! Good luck!

*Disclaimer: I received these diapers free of charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and 102% honest!

Love the idea of cloth diapering! Wish I had given it a try with Logan!


Thanks for the review! Love the raspberry and blueberry colors! I might even consider cd now that my little one is 2 months


I think I would choose blueberry and pumpkin! Minky is sooooo soft:)

Jacqui Bridgman

This is just the jump start I need to venture into CD’ing


If I won, I would choose a vanilla and pumpkin diaper.

Jen H

pumpkin and raspberry!!!


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