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Two Z’s Review & Giveaway

When I was pregnant with Piggle, I was convinced he was a girl. For 15 weeks, I referred to him as a ‘she’, and I was so excited at the prospect of buying out Baby Gap’s girl section! The clothing and accessory choices were endless! At my 15 week ultrasound, however, there was no mistaking the penis. I was crushed. I knew how limited the selection of boy clothes was, and a little part of me died.

After having him, I quickly changed my mind about boys. Sure, clothing options are still basic, but Piggle is my other half! I was meant to raise a boy. Maybe it’s because I’m the least feminine woman alive, or maybe boys are just less complicated. Either way, I quickly stopped lamenting over his Y-chromosome.

When I got pregnant with Sequel, I was so excited at the possibility of having another boy. (Can’t you just picture me with a house full of testosterone?!) And then we found out that Sequel was a Miss.

To say I was devastated is an understatement. Gender disappointment is a real thing, and boy did I have it. Maybe it was the chaos of everything else going on, or maybe I really was upset that my dreams had shattered…either way, I was not happy about her being a girl.

You’d think I’d have jumped for joy at the chance to finally buy all of the froufy, ruffly dresses and matching headbands, but the truth is, I liked the simplicity of having a boy—and I hate the color pink. I even went so far as to swear I’d never put a shred of lace or a gaudy bow on Sequel.

Yeah, well, that was before she actually had one on.

There isn’t a soul on earth who can resist a tiny babe in a headband. I don’t know what it is, but it’s like female babies and over-sized flowers were destined to be partnered.

After finally succumbing to the hair accessory craze, I quickly got in touch with Two Z’s, a WAHM who carries an immense variety of girly decorations. I was hooked….don’t you dare judge me!

When I first contacted her, I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for. This was my first rodeo, and I need some direction—especially because she has so many things to choose from. Instead of spending days trying to decide what I wanted to adorn Sequel with, I left it in her hands. For well over a month, Two Z’s worked her ass off to amass the perfect collection of accessories that were both stunning and suited my personality and style.

I had no idea what to expect. I had told her to surprise me, and surprise me, she did!

When I got the package in the mail, I ran straight home and dumped the contents onto the table. I didn’t even know what to look at first. It was all so amazing!

Of all the things she sent me, my two absolute favorites were the itty-bitty foot bows and the teething necklace!

As you all know, Sequel has been teething for what seems like forever. This was exactly what she needed! The silicone beads are perfect for her to chomp on, and she plays with it while nursing—which keeps her from clawing the shit out of my chest. I don’t wear it as an actual necklace right now because she just yanks it off of me, but she loves to hold it. I don’t leave her unattended with it because she can definitely choke on the beads, but when I’m not cleaning or cooking, she chomps away on them.

has something for everyone, and with Christmas coming up, I’d be willing to bet you can cross a few people off your list!

She’s also offered up a $10 store credit and a choice of any one item that Sequel has so expertly modeled to one lucky reader! You can enter for your chance to win, using the entry form below! Even if you don’t win, check her out!!

Rebecca Parsons

I can understand it a little bit.

I had 3 girls and was sadly disappointed that not one was a boy.

I at the time of my last daughter’s birth was depressed about it.

I did however get over it and love them all no matter their gender.

Rebecca Parsons

If i won I would like to get Food grade silicone bead teething necklace

Laurie P

Love Sequel’s black headband….would love to get something similar. Headbands, hair clips….all so new to us. it’s been a boys world around here for the last 15 years lol

Laurie P

I was hesitant during my pregnancy to find out the gender. I “just knew” what I was having….but didn’t completely want to confirm it, just because.

But my guys, both my hubby and our 15 yr old, really wanted to know….I guess I was worried about our sons disappointment for not getting a baby brother.

That was just my hormones doing the thinking lol.

My baby girl was confirmed and everything was just fine. I’ve got one AWESOME son who is an AMAZING big brother to his baby sister, although there isn’t enough money out there to bribe him into a diaper change.


I wanted a little girl from the beginning and that’s what I got

but I was afraid of being disappointed too. I want a little boy next! But you can’t help but want what u want. I would have also been happy with a boy too.


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