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Baby Whoozit Review & Giveaway

Last week, I mentioned that everyone and their uncles owns at least one toy from . After writing that, I actually went through my playroom, and I realized I had way more than one. In fact, I have nine. A favorite of both kids is the

I’m sure you’ve all seen this before. They’re everywhere! I didn’t even know they had a whole line of different Whoozits, but this one is great!

Sequel is just learning how to grasp toys, and this is perfect for that! She does get frustrated when she gets it into her mouth because she doesn’t like biting on fabric, but otherwise, she loves it. She doesn’t show much interest in the ‘face’ side, though. Not yet, anyway. She prefers the black and white pattern on the back.

The only downside is that it could pose a choking hazard. Piggle has already stuffed a few of the ‘arms’ in his mouth, and Sequel has an oral fixation, so it’s only a matter of time before she tries it, too. I won’t let her play with it unattended, but attached to her carseat or in my presence, this toy is great.

I don’t think it’s as educational as they claim, but nothing is these days. It’s all about how you play with your child. Any toy can be a learning tool.

All in all, I’m a fan!

I have a Baby Whoozit for one of you! Using the entry form below, enter for your chance to win!

*Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge to facilitate my review. As always, my opinions are 102% honest.

Laurie P

I’ve already got one of these (the larger one), so I won’t enter.

Bought it 15 years ago for my son, packed it away and took it out again last year for my baby girl. I must say, she loved it just as much as her big brother.

One of our best baby toy purchases. Good luck to all!

Rebecca Parsons

Right now it’s just the first baby doll.

She is a soft doll with rattle inside.

Rebecca Parsons

I like the Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll.


We don’t have a Whoozit! Neither does my uncle!


Oh and Spooky is currently obsessed with the box his diapers came in… Does that count?

Cortney Brown

Mine are a bit too old for toys like this, but my niece just had her first baby, and this would be PERFECT for her! She is in the stage where everything catches her eye and she just wants to know all about it. Anything bright or black and white, and it’s hers

Cortney Brown


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