Is it spring yet?! I am so over winter.   Between a constant string of illnesses and 850 ft (slight exaggeration) of snow, I am beyond ready for the warmer weather. We’re all fighting what I can only hope is our last cold of the season. I can’t wait to go grocery shopping and come back with just food…instead of the plethora of germs to accompany my broccoli.

The poor kids are going stir-crazy. We’ve only been outside to play a handful of times because of how nasty it’s been. Last week, we got out more than we have all winter. Stupid Canada.

This was Piggle’s first winter being able to tobaggan. As much as he loves it, I’m starting to understand why adults made excuses not to go when I was a kid. Dragging his arse up a steep hill in thigh-high snow is less than enjoyable.

Sometimes he does the work, but usually, it ends like this:

I’ll be so glad when we can go outside without spending an hour getting dressed for the weather. That’s probably the worst part about winter. I hate mittens. Seriously. Could it be anymore impossible to get a toddler’s thumb in the damn hole?! We’ve tried everything—including singing some bizarre mitten-putting-on song, but nothing works unless Piggle wants it to—which is rare.

Then of course there’s the one screaming kid who is boiling to death inside of a snowsuit because the other is refusing to get dressed. Argh! I need to move to the Bahamas.

Because the weather has been adverse and/or I am not expending the insane amount of patience and energy required in getting them in their gear and/or we’ve been sick, we’ve needed to come up with fun indoor activities to keep us from losing it completely.

Piggle is a fan of repetition,  so his day generally consists of cooking pretend food, baking real food (which my thighs have taken the brunt of), coloring, and puzzles.

Holy crock. Puzzles. This kid must be a genius. He’s 2, and he can throw together a 48 piece puzzle in under 5 minutes (2 hours if the tv is on). I kid you not. Maybe he has them memorized, but it’s still incredible to see!  I’m glad it’s something constructive that occupies him. Could be way worse!

We set up a ball pit, too! The kids played in it every day for hours on end…but I got really tired of finding those stupid balls everywhere, so it’s gone away until next winter—and even then, it’ll be my last resort!

I started some DIYing to keep myself occupied during nap times. I am addicted now! Aside from the odd thing here and there, I refuse to buy anything new. I go to different thrift stores at least once a week. I’d like to think it’s a healthy, creative addiction, but my wallet and the obscene amount of gaudy picture frames littering my house might disagree.

My house is still a desperate work in progress, but not much can really be done until we rip up my no-longer-white carpets. That should be happening in the next month or two. Yay for no more stains!

Piggle has helped out with a few of my decorating projects, and he seems to really enjoy it. Putting screws in holes can occupy him for hours!! He put all of the hardware back on the dresser above— I tightened it of course, but he’s really got a knack for it! He even figured out the drill before I did (and yes, I’m embarrassed by that).

Sequel hasn’t done anything ultra-spectacular. Just the normal baby stuffs. She’s almost crawling and eats her weight in food at every meal.

The child is a behemoth. Again, I say: preemie, who?!

Unlike Piggle, Sequel is a huge fan of messes, and she’s really good at making them. I found applesauce on my front door the other day. She was on a different floor of the house and still managed to get it down there. I repeat. She’s mastered messes.

The other day, I decided to give her a chance to hone her talent away from the dinner table.

It started out with a few tablespoons of flour, and as you can see, I tried

to contain the disaster as much as possible…but I gave up.

I was worried about her eating the flour and it gluing her mouth shut (hey! It’s a legitimate fear…you should see what it did to my floor!)

But she only took one bite, realized it was gross, and proceeded to demolish my kitchen.

I’ve never seen anyone so excited by a bowl of flour!

She kept at it for an hour and a half while i made dinner and chatted with her.

If it wasn’t such a pain to clean up, I’d probably let her do it every day!

The baby de-flouring was a blast, too!

Of course, Piggle wanted in on that action! In fact, he hasn’t had a bath anywhere but the sink since. He begs me for it. I can’t imagine it’s comfortable, but he loves it!

As much fun as we’ve been able to have inside, though, I am more than ready for it to be over! That said, I’m sure wrangling two kids at the park will be an adventure and a half! I’m a bit terrified, to be honest.

And with that, I leave you with wishes for warm weather all around! Sometimes, I think is there a moving company in Connecticut that can take me and my family south for the winter?? Hopefully we’ll all be enjoying some much needed sunshine soon!

Nice dresser! Did you buy it at Ikea?

Cute kids!

The cabinet is a masterpiece! Love the shade.

You have such cute kiddos too, and they fit in the sink! Cute! =)

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