Deadly Weapons a.k.a. Baby Fingernails

If you were to come over today, not only would you be hit by an avalanche of toys and knick-knacks, you’d probably walk away with some pretty severe lacerations. Piggle is walking around with razors on the ends of his fingers. In other words? I haven’t cut his nails in awhile.

There is nothing on Earth as lethal as a baby’s overgrown nails…except maybe their teeth, but you can usually see those coming. I can’t even count how many times I’ve almost lost an eye this week alone. It’s not for lack of trying to cut them; he just becomes pure evil the minute I take the nail clippers out of the cupboard.

It’s like his fingernails have grown so long that they’ve developed a personality of their own and are now embedding themselves in the boy’s head. When the clippies come out, the nails start whispering to him to burn things, but by ‘burn’, I mean ‘throw’, and by ‘things’, I mean ‘atomic tantrums’.

I have tried every possible way of dealing with his talons, but even when he’s asleep, he somehow senses my plan before I’ve even acted on it. Asshole.

I managed to get half a nail done today, so I do feel some sense of accomplishment, but I still have 9.5 death blades to conquer. Joy.

Would it be wrong if I just put Bandaids on all of his fingers?


lol…love reading your blogs! A tip for finger nail cutting (worked for me at least!) I starting cutting my own nails and my daughter was watching from across the room, kept getting closer to check it out…next thing I know she’s offering up her finger nails lol. Maybe it’ll work for you?!?!

Wow, I could totally relate.

Both my girls hated me cutting their nails.

My younger who just about 2 years old, finally is letting me cut her nails without throwing a major temper tantrum.

Not sure why this is for so many babies, but just is.

I am totally enjoying reading your blog (being a stay at home mom too) and hope you check mine out too at

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