How To Be a Badass Mom

When I made the decision to spend

with Piggle, I was a bit scared. Without , I am about as creative as a rubber chicken. How was I going to come up with fun date ideas that both myself and a rambunctious toddler would enjoy?! I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, but I wanted to find activities that would make for continued conversation after the fact and leave Piggle knowing that he has a fun, badass mom. Sure, a walk is free, but as soon as it’s over, there’s nothing more to talk about, and no kid will ever shout from the mountain tops about a half-hour hike.

Once a week, Piggle and I go for a treat at the local candy store. On one particular occasion, they were ringing up our order, and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a new display on the counter. It was chalk-full of noisemakers. The kind you throw at the ground (or at people if you were an asshole kid like I was) that pop on contact. A good mom would have passed these up—possibly even shaken her head in dismay. I, however, am not that mom. On the contrary, my inner child went fucking bananas, and my date idea was born! I may or may not have gone a little crazy by buying every box they had…

I stashed them in the diaper bag, away from prying Piggle eyes (which wasn’t hard because he was ripping apart a Pez display). I wanted to whip them out in the parking lot on the way home and blow his mind!

Because I was already going to hell for giving a toddler firecrackers, I decided to go all out. I badass-ed the shit out of our date! Pretty sure I am the coolest mom. I wanted to give him an experience he’d talk about for a long time…And that is exactly what I did!

Laurie P

You’re awesome!

I gotta find some of those snaps!

They bring back memories.

In school, we used to toss them at the chalkboard when the teachers back was turned….ya I was a bit of an a**hole as a kid lol

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