Toddler Activites in the Kitchen

Ah, pregnancy cravings. The bane of my (and my scale’s) existence. Of course, I can’t be one of those lucky women who craves only the healthiest of healthy foods. Instead, I find myself drooling over birthday cakes and deep-fried anything. Hell, I’d probably eat a sock if it was covered in enough grease. Sure, it tastes great, and giving into one of my cravings is equivalent to a mind-shattering orgasm, but ever since tearing the ass out of my only pair of pants that still fit and blowing the zipper off of my sweater simultaneously, I’ve been afraid to cave in on my food desires.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had great self-control, and it doesn’t help that I have an accomplice. Piggle is the best (or worst) excuse I have for my indulgences. He asks for pizza almost daily, and cookies are the reason he exists. Of course, I can’t deny him the good things in life! That would make me a terrible person. It’s not my fault he can’t finish the extra-large, extra-cheese pie. Waste not, want not, right?

In all seriousness, though, I don’t actually feed that garbage to him—I do make some attempts to keep it healthy for his sake. Though, he could do with some fattening up.

Tonight, I was craving pizza again, and I also needed a quick distraction for Mr. Tantrum-Pants. Going to the park wasn’t an option because Mother Nature is PMSing, so it’s been pouring rain and freezing cold here for a few days. Instead of burning off some energy outside, I decided we’d make dinner together. It’s not the first time I’ve let him help out with meal preparations, but it is the first time he had full control. Usually, I get everything together in Piggle-sized bowls, and he just mixes it all together. Tonight, he made it all himself! This was the result:

No Piggle fingers were harmed in the making of these pizzas!

Piggle, being the bizarre-o child that he is, absolutely loves grating cheese! He begs me to let him do it at least twice a day. I had to hide the grater because he’d started grabbing it and the cheese when my back was turned.

Surprisingly, this was far less messy than I’d expected! The only reason he even ended up with sauce on him was because he leaned into it to reach the back of the pizza!

See, I told you it wasn’t just extra cheese!

I kid you not, he lined those zucchinis up like that all on his own! He was very precise about it—-and it only took him 15 minutes to accomplish!

Please excuse the butchered photography. I have a toddler; therefore, I do not possess nice dishes or a camera worth more than my house…for obvious reasons.

The end result was delicious! Of course, Piggle being in the midst of the Terrible Twos refuses to eat 99% of the time, so I got to eat these bad boys myself! The veggies make it okay, right?!

Looks delicious! Good job Piggle!


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