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About Me

This is my About Me entry from 2016. I began my blog-venture as Work Life, According to Rebecca. It has evolved since then, and I am grateful that you've joined me on this journey!

Why did I decide to start a blog?
First and foremost, I started a blog because I like to read and write. Writing is one of my hobbies. It is a de-stressor, and a creative outlet for me.  Some people knit. I write. :)

And, I just love the blogosphere! I love the fact that I can create a piece of online content, instantly share it with the world, and then read and comment on other blogs. In terms of web sites and social media platforms, blogs are definitely my first love.

Why did I pick work as the subject?
I picked this subject because I like to work. Work is one of my favorite subjects! My earliest memory of working is as a little girl, picking rocks out of the soil at our Northwest Virginia home, so that we could grow strawberries, beans, and corn. Virginia mountain soil is rich, but rocky. So, there I was, with my siblings and a heavy wheelbarrow. “Time to Pick Rocks” was a common statement in our home! Since then, I’ve had a wide variety of jobs, through high school, college, and until today. Work is a big part of my life, and writing about it is the best! 

What is Rebecca’s Heroes, and how do I pick them?
Rebecca’s Heroes is usually a non-profit, charitable organization that has caught my eye. They may also be a company that has had a profound impact on my work or personal life, or both. I pick them using two criteria: First, they must correspond with or relate to the blog post subject matter. Second, they must have a positive reputation for service and/or product output, and have sound financial practices.

Is my blog for women only?
No. I may present opinions and information from a female perspective, but I want this blog to be relatable and applicable to everyone.

What can you expect from my blog in terms of style, presentation, etc.?
I believe that less is more. I strive to make my posts brief, with scan-able text and minimal scrolling. Sometimes, I’ll just post pics of an event or conference, if I feel like they will tell the story better than words. My purpose is to share timely and relevant work- related information, tips on how to lead a fulfilling work life, and pieces of my personal work life experiences. My goal is that we would all make the most of our work lives: Understanding that work is just a part of our lives, not all of it - but it’s a big part :) Thank you for reading!


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